Who We Are

Michele Seadeek, RTRP/Owner

Michele and her staff have over 15 years of experience in the field of tax preparation, small business development, bookkeeping and payroll.  Specialization includes business process analysis, impact and trend identification and ROI assessments.

We value your success and give you insights to make that happen!

Development Strategies

Every business needs development, assessment, clear and accurate data in order for decision makers to make the best decisions.  Ascension Business Solutions, LLC was created because we know how hard it is to get that accurate data and decide what to do next.  As a customer of Ascension, we provide you with accurate and informative data in a way that helps you preempt changes in your sector and your company.


"Every year we question our intelligence with our taxes and financial planning and every year Michele provides insight and smart strategies for us to have the greatest return of our investments."  Jessica & Derek Euwer, KS

Free consultation

We know every business owner needs to consult with an adviser now and again in order to assess and re-assess your business strategy.  Our business consultants listen to your concerns and offer solutions that are personalized. Take advantage of this great opportunity and schedule your free consultation now!

We ease your burden

"Entrepreneurs who hire accounting help usually discover they weren't doing (accounting) nearly as well on their own as they thought they were."     

It is hard to be an objective decision maker when your money is on the line!


You have questions, we have answers. 

What if my business accounting structure changes?  At Ascension Business Solutions, LLC, we have knowledgeable people who assist with transitions and make sure no data is left behind.

Is there an hourly or ad hoc option for small businesses?  Yes, if after an initial consultation we find that standard services would not best suit your business needs, an hourly rate option is available at an $100 hourly rate.